When you make food using Drop Recipes, you’re guided every step of the way using our supportive step-by-step format.

Make cooking at home easier and more enjoyable with our simple guided cooking experience. Our recipes are chosen with busy home cooks in mind, for people that want to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals without investing hours into every dish. Enjoy connected cooking with recipes for every occasion tailored to smart appliances.

The Most From Your Appliances

Our recipes are written with the needs of busy home cooks, and time-saving kitchen appliances, in mind.
Connect your appliances to your Drop Recipes profile to see more recipes chosen for you based on that appliance, and get better results with guided recipes with guided recipes made for it.

Easily Convert Popular Recipes to Our Guided Format

When you’re searching for recipes or browsing through our curated collections in the app, you’ll see recipes from some of the top recipe blogs and websites.
Quickly and easily convert these recipes to Drop’s smart format in the app to enjoy guided and connected cooking — with no ads, pop-ups or long stories to scroll through.

Use The Measurements You’re Used To

Our smart recipe process takes recipes entered from around the world and adapts them to your local preferences.
The system works by localizing each element of a recipe to your location, so whether you like to cook with cups and fluid ounces, or grams and milliliters, you’ll have all the info you need.

Recipe Collections

Can’t decide what to make first? Browse through some of our collections here, and make them with ease using the Drop Recipes app.

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