When you make food using Drop Recipes, you’re guided every step of the way using our supportive step-by-step format.

Make the food you love by following our guided cooking process with helpful tips, inspiring photos, and perfect results. Not only is each recipe carefully selected to taste amazing, but also gives consistent success with the help of our partnered appliances. Stuck making the same 5 recipes on rotation? With our diverse recipe selection, it’s easy to add to your repertoire.

Tried and tested recipes

With over 1,000 recipes (and growing all the time) you'll have plenty of options to choose from when you cook with Drop. Our recipes have been developed with busy lives in mind, and all thoroughly tested by us (we've done a lot of trial eating in our Dublin office). With everything from quick and healthy meals for when you need something nutritious on the table fast, to fun indulgent treats for when you want to experiment in the kitchen. We also partner with great chefs like Donal Skehan, Jessica Entzel, and Kamran Siddiqi to bring even more great recipes to the app.

Add your own recipes

Drop Creator is our recipe creation tool which makes it possible to bring recipes to Drop from anywhere. The tool automatically converts old school recipes to dynamic, powerful recipes for the modern kitchen, by adapting them for modern appliances. Take your old family favorites and let Drop adapt them to modern kitchen gadgets, and then share the recipe with the rest of the Drop community (or protect the family secret by keeping them to yourself).

Adaptable to you

Our recipes don't just adapt to the tools and appliances you have in your kitchen, but also to where you live. The Drop Translation Engine takes recipes entered from around the world and makes them universally understandable directly to you and your appliances, taking into account whether you use cups and fluid ounces, or grams and milliliters. The system works by localizing each element of a recipe to your location, but what this means for you is access to real, local favorites from around the world.

Recipe Collections

Can’t decide what to make first? Browse through some of our collections here, and make them with ease using the Drop Recipes app.

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