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Baking is a sacred thing. Why do we do it? Is it the satisfaction of creating something wonderful from a few ingredients? Is it because we like to get our hands dirty? Or perhaps it’s because it takes us on a journey and reminds us of a loved one we cooked with, or even a different time or place.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized that we wanted to know the answer to this question, so we sat down with a group of avid bakers and asked them: why do you bake?

Here are their three top answers:

  1. We like when people enjoy what we made.

  2. It gives us the opportunity to be creative.

  3. It helps me relax.

And some more reasons from some of our favorite baking bloggers.

“A cake on a cake-stand, elevated above the surface that often holds our daily sustenance, reminds me that there are still sacred moments.”

— Monet from Apples & Anecdotes.

“Baking is super therapeutic for me. I can be having a bad day and just by baking a cake, turn that whole day around. It makes me happy. Immensely so.”

— Cait from The Patriotic Baker

“I bake because it’s part of who I am and because I’m never so at home as when I’m in my tiny kitchen, covered with flour, with my hands sunk deep in dough.”

— Jenna from Eat, Live, Run

“To go back to an earlier time, to recreate breads and other foods that may be personally or culturally meaningful to them, or who want to experience another culture through this most basic of foods.”

— Elagins from The Fresh Loaf

“I bake because it brings me into community with people all over the world who also love to bake.”

— Joanna from ZebBakes

“Baking is about dealing with disappointment, burnt edges, bad recipes, and wasted ingredients.”

— Heidi from A Week From Thursday

“I bake because I love the look on someone’s face when they take that first bite and find out it does taste as good as it looks.”

— Almost Sinful Gourmet Treats

“The balance of patience, knowledge and precision keeps me interested. And the memories of being young in those warm kitchens keep me satisfied.”

— Andrea Lekberg from The Artist Baker.

For us at Drop, baking is an act of love.

Why do you bake?

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