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Tenina Holder was the first ever official recipe creator for Thermomix® Australia and she has created thousands of recipes for the appliance over the years.


Tenina Holder from Cooking with Tenina pointing at the Drop signTenina has released multiple cookbooks and e-books with a focus on reliable recipes that are easy to make and use good, fresh ingredients. She’s also our ambassador for the cooking food processor category in the Drop Recipes app, and an all-knowing, all-making Thermomix expert who’s always willing to share her knowledge and help people get the most out of their Thermies.

In our last Thermomix newsletter, we asked you what issues you’ve been facing with your Thermomix and when Tenina visited the Drop HQ last week, we asked her to answer all your questions. So, without further ado, here are your Thermomix mysteries uncovered…



Is there a way to get rid of the onion smell if you’ve got to cook something sweet after something savoury? (Without putting it in the dishwasher of course…) —Penny

Fill the bowl to about a liter with water and 60-70 grams of vinegar, give it a quick wash at 100 degrees for five minutes, and then give it a quick turbo to get it into the lid. Dry it off and then you’re ready for a pavlova!

Could you please suggest an easy way to remove smells of onion, colour of turmeric, etc. from the lids of my Thermomix bowls. I have resorted to buying additional jugs and now have a “stinky” bowl and a “non-stinky” bowl set. Works well but “stinky” bowl still smells in my cupboard. Is there an easy natural way to do this? I do not like using harsh chemicals. —Jenny

Give it a vinegar wash and leave it out in the sun. You can bleach it with lemon juice, but also be sure to leave the lid off when it’s sitting on the bench to air it out.

Hi Tenina, have been a fan for many years. Got a TM31 14 years ago and a TM5 about 4 years ago. Use them every day. They are permanently on my benchtop. Are there any real advantages in updating given that I love my Aldi 3 pot size slow cooker and I already sous vide in your Stasher bags. Being LCHF I’m not really interested in honeycomb! Love gadgets but… Kind regards Janet

In one word — no! You’ve got it all sewn up, but if you want to clear off your bench, go ahead and get a TM6.

How do I keep the butterfly from popping off? Olivia

If you look at the bottom of your blade, you’ll see a little blade symbol. That’s your “chief blade.” Be sure to position the butterfly to the left of this where there’s less wiggle room. If you position the butterfly to the right of the blade symbol, you’ll notice there’s a lot more room for it to move around and it’s more likely to pop off. If it does pop off, just quickly stop the Thermomix and reposition your butterfly.

What is the best natural way to clean the TM6 bowl after using the high heat function. I do not want to use any commercial chemical cleaners. Thanks, Judy

You can use a vinegar wash. If you want to buff it up, you can create a paste with baking soda. You can cook it with lemon juice You can leave it out in the sun. And of course, you can take apart each piece and give it a really good scrub with a brush!

Hi Tenina, love my Thermomix but my question is: when you are in the middle of a recipe with food in your Thermomix bowl above the blade level, then the recipe asks you to insert the butterfly whisk, is there any trick as to how you insert the butterfly whisk correctly without having to remove the contents first. —Pam

Get a spatula, dig around a little bit to see the position of the blade and position your butterfly around the contents that way. It’s not super difficult, but sometimes you might just position it wrong and have to remove it and reattach it in the correct position!

How can I clean the titanium vase so its shiny again? Anna

You can create a paste with baking soda and water, and a piece of soft cloth. Alternatively, use something not abrasive like marble paste, that’ll help get it like brand new!

How do I make smoothies palatable? I always end up drinking sludge! Fiona

Three tips! You’ve got the best smoothie maker in the world with a Thermomix so go hard. Blend for two minutes (a minimum of two minutes) on speed 10 to get a really smooth texture (it’s called a smoothie for a reason!)
And then think about 3 elements: Think about fats being included. Think about color palettes, don’t go red and green and orange and everything else because it’ll look terrible and that’ll put you off as well. So stick to a color palette! And then the other thing is to think about balancing the flavor, with some salt, vanilla, something sweet like dates or maybe some syrup. The other thing you can do is download my Ultimate Smoothie Chart.

What’s an easy way to get dough out of the bowl? Simone

  1. Tip the bowl upside down onto a bread mat and twist the spindle that’s the bottom of the blade and the dough should fall out (by and large!)
  2. You can use a wet spatula and scrape it out. Using a wet spatula will help more of the dough adhere to the spatula and it’ll come away quite easily
  3. Throw a teaspoon of flour into what’s left of the bowl, whiz it up to speed 10 and it’ll gather together and you’ll be able to use it and mix it into your dough. Voila!
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