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Say “hello” to our new cooking experience, designed to help you save time in the kitchen.

When the Drop Recipes app was released back in 2014, it contained baking recipes for one appliance, Drop Scale. Its granular step-by-step format was designed to guide users every step of the way through a recipe, to ensure a flawless bake for even the most novice of bakers.

Since then, we’ve added support for thousands of other appliances, connected and non-connected, and changed the focus of the app to quick and easy recipes for people who want to cook more at home — in less time and with better results.

After listening to your feedback, we realized that what worked for bakers wasn’t working for busy home cooks. The step-by-step process was too slow, and rather than helping people whip together an easy one-pot meal on a busy weeknight, it was slowing people down.

Today, we’re excited to announce the biggest change to the app since its launch.

The new Make section, months in the making and thoroughly tested in our user testing lab, is now available on the latest Android and iOS versions of the Drop Recipes app, v2.0.

tl;dr? In the spirit of saving time, here’s a breakdown of exactly what’s new:

Animation showing the ingredient groups in version 2.0 of the Drop Recipes app

Ingredient groups

Previously, ingredients were added one-by-one in the Make section. For example, you would see “Add paprika” then “Add cumin” then “Add black pepper” as separate cards to follow along the recipe. Now, we’ve struck a balance between saving time and providing step-by-step instructions. We made it possible to group ingredients together, so in the recipe you’ll see them combined as “Add spices”, with the ingredients names and amounts summarized below.

Animation showing how recipes in the Drop Recipes app now uses vertical instead of horizontal scrolling

Vertical scroll

The old horizontal recipe-steps on Drop Recipes has felt a bit outdated for a while now. Through user testing we were able to confirm that people prefer and feel more comfortable with the vertical scroll — 2019 is our Year of the Thumb.

Animation showing the new recipe step in version 2.0 of the Drop Recipes app

Free-form recipe steps

Our recipe format is machine-readable, which means that each step not only has to be easily read by you, but also has to be able to be understood by an appliance for settings and instructions.

For smart appliances to read the instructions we send them, the language needs to be presented as structured text. This worked perfectly for machine-readable languages, but contributed to the clunky presentation of our old Make section. Our new improvements allow the automatically-generated steps to be edited it a way that provides more info for the cook, without taking away anything from the appliance.

Essentially, the new flexible free-form steps allow recipe creators to convey additional info throughout the recipe — so when you’re following along, you’re getting all the info you need (and so is the oven).

What’s next?

As an ever-evolving process, we’ll continue to listen to your feedback. We’ll be reintroducing some old features with improvements in future updates, as well as adding some handy new features.

For example, we also plan to allow for the current status to be safely secured in the cloud, so you can switch between devices during a single cooking session.

Do you have suggestions for new features or other ways we can improve the app? Please send us an email now at



Our mission is to empower and inspire anyone to cook delicious food by connecting the world's recipes and appliances — all orchestrated through a magical user experience.