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We’re delighted to add Alpha Edison, Morpheus Ventures and Act Venture Capital to the Drop family with a new round of funding announced today.

This funding marks an exciting time for Drop — for our partners and investors, for our hardworking team spread across Europe and North America, and for you: our community of home cooks that come to Drop Recipes looking for inspiration and quick and easy recipes that adapt to you and your kitchen. This financing will help us accelerate as we share the love of cooking at home by making it effortless and rewarding. We’ll be growing the team to bring even more recipe and appliance options to the platform, building the ultimate resource for busy home cooks.

“Up until now the ‘smart’ in the smart kitchen has left consumers feeling largely underwhelmed — as home cooks have been inundated with gimmicks that ultimately provide very little value to the cooking experience. Drop is changing this, allowing everyday cooks to remove the complexity from the kitchen and bring restaurant-grade food to the home using the appliances that they already know and love. We love Drop’s vision and are delighted we can play a small part in them achieving it.”

Conor MillsInvestment Associate at Act Venture Capital

We’re also pleased to welcome two new board members, Steve Horowitz, partner at Alpha Edison, and Ray Musci, managing director at Morpheus Ventures. Steve Horowitz led the engineering team that created Android, and Morpheus Ventures invests in the disruption of large markets across the technology landscape. We believe kitchens have limitless potential in how they can be adapted to help us make cooking easy and rewarding, and with Steve and Ray’s knowledge in creating world-class experiences, we can drive our focus on getting the world making home-cooked food every day.

“In the same way Android armed an industry to compete in the smartphone game, Drop is primed to be the platform that all brands operate on, fundamentally changing the way we use technology in the kitchen. The consumer experience will be enhanced dramatically to the benefit of everyone — people cooking at home and the appliance manufacturers.”

Steve HorowitzPartner at Alpha Edison

Eating home-cooked food nourishes us in more ways than one: it has the capacity to create deep-rooted moments when people connect, bond, spend time with each other.

Kitchens are, of course, a mix of motors, sensors and heating elements, with wildly different interfaces, and recipes are written for the most basic of functions. Modern recipes should be able to easily take advantage of the wide variety of appliances and functions available, without the cook getting lost in unnecessary details.

This funding helps us further our mission of making home cooking easier by combining recipes and appliances with food science and a sprinkling of machine learning into a delightful UX.

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Our mission is to empower and inspire anyone to cook delicious food by connecting the world's recipes and appliances — all orchestrated through a magical user experience.