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Today, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Thermomix®, the manufacturer of the leading global smart kitchen appliance.

For over fifty years, Thermomix has been revolutionizing cooking across the world with its collection of ever-evolving multicookers. With its latest model, the TM6™, capable of 20 unique functions, Thermomix continues to streamline the cooking process and help busy home cooks save time.

Soon, Thermomix users will be able to use their TM6 to preheat their oven, order groceries and optimize recipe content using Drop’s connected software — all from the TM6’s screen. The Drop Recipes app, and all our recipes, guided cooking, appliance control and grocery integration will soon be available and executable from the display of the TM6.

Furthermore, appliance control Powered by Drop will be added to the 50,000 recipes on Cookidoo. With over 30% of all recipes on Cookidoo ending with an oven step, that’s a lot of seamless pre-heating.

Our goal at Drop is to remove some of the barriers to cooking more, which is why we’re so excited to be partnering with a company that shares our values so closely. Each recipe and appliance partner added to the Drop platform makes for an even stronger Kitchen OS, and we’re proud to now welcome Thermomix onto the platform.

We’ve had support for Thermomix recipes for quite a while, with our cooking food processor ambassador Tenina Holder providing fresh and delicious Thermomix-ready recipes straight to Drop Recipes users. And we have also worked together previously to ensure a fail-safe Thanksgiving. This partnership with Thermomix brings us one step further with an integrated experience and support for Cookidoo recipes.

As part of this launch, users of Cookidoo and the Drop Recipes app will be able to simplify their cooking by ordering the groceries they need straight from the recipe. Bringing all elements of the cooking journey together to make Drop and Thermomix the hub of the kitchen.

The first Drop integrations on the TM6 will be available in 2020.

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