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Instant Brands™ (makers of the Instant Pot® and a whole host of time-saving kitchen appliances) are joining the Drop platform, bringing millions of appliances to our Kitchen OS.

Instant Brands was founded by Dr. Robert Wang in 2009, when he and his wife Nancy were both working in the tech industry and struggling to find the time to put dinner on the table after a busy day (something most of us can relate to). He combined his love of cuisine, Ph.D. in computer science, and knowledge of the electric pressure cookers that were popular in his native China in creating the first Instant Pot, a 7-in-1 multi-functional pressure cooker that changed the way millions of people think about cooking today.

The Instant Pot quickly became the best-seller in its category on Amazon, with more than 215,000 units sold during the 2016 Black Friday sale, and 300,000 units over 36 hours on Prime Day 2018. Today, Instant Brands continue to provide solutions for busy home cooks with their range of pressure cookers, air fryers, ovens, blenders, sous vide, and more.

Like Drop, Instant Brands is driven by a commitment to provide cooking solutions that help a fast-paced generation live a healthy lifestyle. We’re working with them to provide solutions to the problems facing busy home cooks today, and creating a joint experience that will make getting dinner on the table an effortless task. The new Instant Pot app, powered by Drop and available now, will provide over 1,000 tried-and-true recipes for Instant Pot®, Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryers, and Instant™ Ace™ Blenders. Instant Pot recipes will also be available, along with thousands of other easy recipes, on the Drop Recipes app.

A hand holding a phone with the Drop Recipes app open. In the background an Instant Pot multicooker. Overlayed are the Drop and Instant Brands logos.
The Instant Pot’s cult-like following know that it can be used for everything from flawless boiled eggs to pot-in-pot cheesecakes, and it excels at easy weeknight meals. Combining its robust functions with Drop’s smart, time-saving and personalized features means we can make home-cooked meals a daily reality for our busy community.

Part of the Instant Pot’s massive success and the enthusiastic following comes down to something close to our hearts — well-thought-out design. Dr. Robert Wang, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Instant Brands Inc™, uses the tens of thousands of Instant Pot reviews on Amazon to create improvements that people want, and the sales speak for themselves.

“As an innovative brand, we are dedicated to improving the culinary experience for home cooks,” said Dr. Robert Wang, “Our collaboration with Drop is a testament to our continued commitment to enhance our products and deliver added functionality to our loyal and passionate fan base.”

Drop was founded by designers, and as we’ve evolved to become the leading smart kitchen platform, we continue to share a passion for building experiences around products that simplify and improve users’ lives. A user-focused design and beautifully useful product, has brought an Instant Pot to reside in about 20% of American households. We’re excited to be bringing guided recipes for the Instant Pot to all home cooks on the Drop Recipes app. This partnership adds millions of new appliances to the Drop Kitchen OS, and this is just the beginning — we’ll be announcing big things for the Instant Pot community in 2020.



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