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Instant Pot Pro Plus

Instant Pot Pro Plus

The beloved Instant Pot just got smarter.
Introducing the Instant Pot Pro Plus™, Instant’s first connected appliance powered by Drop.

The latest multi-cooker reimagines the cooking experience, helping home cooks reach a new level of easy cooking.

The pot is controlled seamlessly from the Drop Recipes app, where you can choose from a delectable library of smart recipes that will guide you through each step, ensuring you get dinner on the table faster than ever before. 

A smarter way of cooking

Control your appliance from the Drop Recipes app seamlessly, with a number of connected features like Delay Start and mobile monitoring, giving you the peace of mind that comes with having an extra hand in the kitchen.

Get dinner on the table faster

Our smart recipe format takes traditional cooking steps and adapts them to suit your appliance. This means that pre-heating is activated while you chop the ingredients and steam release happens when the rice is done — without you having to break stride with the recipe steps.

Notifications & mobile monitoring

As your food cooks, the appliance shares timely notifications directly to your phone, allowing you to monitor your meal wherever you are.

Smart Programs

Smart Programs are pre-programmed to deliver an easy, one-touch cooking experience, which can be started remotely from the app — either individually or directly from a recipe.

Delay Start

Set the start time on your Pro Plus to fit your schedule. This way you can sync up with the other dishes you’re cooking and ensure you have a delicious meal ready when you want it.

Hands-free steam release

Perform pressure release from a distance with the app and enjoy convenience when cooking with your Pro Plus.

Customize your serving size

Feed a crowd or just one? Customize your recipe with one tap. Ensure zero food waste by adjusting the serving size up or down to suit your needs without altering the results.

Automatic updates

As new features are added, your Instant Pot Pro Plus updates automatically so you are able to achieve the best cooking experience. Every time.

Want to get your hands on the Instant Pot Pro Plus?


Make the most of your Instant Pro Plus with one of these delicious smart recipes, and discover many more that have been perfectly adapted to work with it on the Drop Recipes app.

View the full collection of Instant Pot Pro Plus recipes to get cooking!

Upgrade your kitchen by connecting your Instant Pot Pro Plus

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