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WiFi-Connected Ovens

The Drop Recipes app and Kitchen OS platform allow home cooks with GE Appliances’ WiFi ovens to preheat and monitor their cooking remotely.

To hear more about the experience, watch GE Appliances’ Michael Brown explain it while he makes an extraordinarily cheesy pizza using the Drop Recipes app and a connected GE Appliances WiFi oven:

Easy To Monitor

With GE Appliances' connected appliance suite, owners can monitor and maintain their homes simply, improving their daily routines.

Remote Enabled

GE Appliances' WiFi-enabled ovens let you set times, check cooking status and preheat — whenever and wherever you are.

Recipe Connected

Preheat and control GE Appliances connected ovens directly from a recipe in the Drop Recipes app.


The Drop Recipes app offers hundreds of beautiful recipes that work seamlessly with GE Appliances connected ovens. Choose a customized, branded recipe like the ones below, or pick any other Drop recipe that catches your fancy, and get cooking!

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