Drop Scale

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At its most basic, Drop Scale lets you put ingredients on its heat-resistant surface and view the resulting weights right on your phone or tablet using your Drop Recipes app. Then the real fun starts.

Choose from hundreds of delicious, tried and tested interactive recipes and let Drop guide you through them step-by-step. Using clever extras such as Recipe Rescaling (got a little extra zucchini to use up? No problem) and Ingredient Substitutions (Prefer coconut oil to butter? Let Drop tell you how much you need!) the Scale and App combined ensure you can make great food at home, every time.

Get perfect results

Precise measurements are the key to achieving the perfect bake, and they're pretty great to rely on when it comes to cooking as well. The accuracy of the Drop Scale combined with guidance from Drop Recipes ensures results you're proud to share.

Save time

The Drop Recipes foolproof step-by-step format takes the guesswork out of making food and allows you to weigh one ingredient after another, directly into the bowl, right on your Drop Scale.

Be Inspired, Not Intimidated

Browse hundreds of recipes tailored to the appliances you love with the absolute confidence that you can make them at home and enjoy every minute of it, supported by Drop's guidance and tips.


Smart Scaling

Make prepping a breeze with our handy tools and guides. Almost out of flour? Simply place what you have left on the scale and use the resizing feature to adapt all the other ingredient amounts too.

Ingredient Substitutions

Want to swap out butter for olive oil but not sure how much you should use? Replace ingredients with the tap of a button and watch the entire recipe update instantly with what you need to get cooking.

Improved Accuracy

In ounces or grams, whatever your preference, the precise Drop Scale will make you wonder why you ever used cups to measure â— from a fraction of a teaspoon to just over 13 lbs / 6 kilograms

Smart Power

The scale uses a CR2477 lithium coin cell battery with a year-long usage life and powers off automatically when you're not using it, so no need to worry about accidentally running it down.

Wireless Control

No need to touch the screen with greasy fingers. Either tap Drop Scale's front button to control the app, or use our auto-progress feature to move on to the next step.

Non-slip + Heat Resistant

Drop Scale is covered in kitchen-friendly, heat-resistant silicone. After cooking, just wipe it down and let it hang out on the counter until its next kitchen adventure.


The Drop Recipes app offers hundreds of beautiful recipes that work seamlessly with Drop Scale. Check out some of our favorites below, and discover many more in the app!

a drop scale illustration showing its components
Heat resistant silicone top
Touch sensitive button to control app
Highly accurate weight sensor
Coin-cell battery for up to a year of normal use
Non-slip silicon base
Product Specs

Supported Devices
Any iPad or iPhone model on iOS 11 or later, and most Android devices with BLE support and Android 5.0 or later.

From 6 kg (13 lbs) to under a gram (0.1 oz)

FDA-approved non-slip silicone.

CR2477 coin cell (included).

Expected Battery Life
1 year of normal use.

135 x 160 x 25 mm / 5.5 x 6.5 x 1 inch

300g / 10oz

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