Bosch Ovens

with Home Connect

In August 2016, we announced a partnership with Bosch, a worldwide leader in kitchen appliance brands, to create a connected oven that integrates with the Drop Recipes platform.

Bosch is relied upon globally for their range of surprisingly simple solutions, which now includes the smartest oven out there. Drop Recipes users who own an oven equipped with Home Connect can connect them to the app and control them straight from a recipe.

Remote Cooking

Just use your mobile device to turn on your Home Connect-enabled oven remotely, from anywhere. You can set push notifications so that your app gives you all the information you need to monitor the cooking process. You will know when the meal is ready as soon as it's done.

Consistently great results

Save your favorite dishes to the Drop Recipes app, so that your oven has exactly the right settings when it starts cooking. It will make baking and cooking so much easier, and you will get perfect results.

Cook like a pro

The best cooks have the best tricks. Turn yourself into an expert — with your Home Connect oven and the guidance provided by the Drop Recipes app.


Make the most of your Bosch Oven with Home Connect with one of these delicious recipes, and browse hundreds more in the Drop Recipes app.

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