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Make better food at home today by connecting the recipes you love with the appliances you have in your kitchen. The Drop Recipes app offers home cooks a wealth of useful features, but keeps the focus on creating delicious food with minimal hassle.

Cook with ease and confidence

Our step-by-step recipe format works with you to keep chaos to a minimum and ensure shareable results. Inexperienced? Time constraints? Don't worry. Drop's recipe format is suitable for all skill levels, so you can make and eat what you want at home.

Make recipes adapted for your kitchen

Connect your smart appliances to your profile, and Drop will adjust recipes instantly, according to which appliances you own. Choose a recipe, and let the app send the correct times, temperatures, and settings to your appliance at the right moment.

Get all your favorites onto one platform

Upgrade all your favorite recipes into one dynamic format, from the simplest staples to experimental dinners and desserts. Store them all in one place, so you can easily access your recipes when you need them.

How does it work?

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Pick a recipe

Add your favorite recipes to the app, or choose from hundreds of ours, to build up a colorful collection of recipes that adjust to your needs.

Make it your own

Drop will rewrite recipes instantly to tailor them to the amount you need, the appliances you own, and the ingredients you have on hand.

Follow the steps

Follow simple step-by-step instructions, control your connected appliances as you go, and enjoy great home-cooked food every day.

Here are a few of the things we’ve packed into Drop Recipes to make it more than your average recipe app — and just like that sourdough starter taking over your life, we’re always adding more.

Recipe Discovery

Search or browse hundreds of high-quality recipes, crafted with care by top chefs, kitchen brands and the dedicated Drop community.

Appliance Control

Control and monitor your connected appliances remotely, and get timely notifications when your food is ready.

Recipe Resizing

No need to make more than you can eat. Scale recipe quantities up or down precisely in one tap, adjusting the yield without altering the results.

Ingredient Substitutions

Don't pass a recipe by because you're missing an ingredient. Do a custom rebuild by substituting whatever you have handy, and watch your recipe adjust instantly.

Organized Shopping

No more math in the grocery store. Create a shopping list that includes all the ingredients and amounts you need for your customized recipe instantly.

Community Wisdom

Join the Drop community to tap into the knowhow of food lovers around the world. Ask questions, make changes, share your experiences, be inspired, and inspire others.


The best appliance makers integrate their appliances with Drop, providing you with an intuitive way to integrate smart kitchen products into your everyday life — in one app, using recipes you love.

Bosch logotype — Appliances with Home Connect are compatible with the Drop Recipes app

The Drop Recipes app supports Bosch appliances with Home Connect. Make an americano with your coffee machine or control your oven directly from a recipe in the app. Learn more.

Electrolux logotype — Appliances with Home Connect are compatible with the Drop Recipes app

Drop and Electrolux have partnered to create a connected blender, the Master 9 Multi Blender, with an accompanying app and recipes from Le Cordon Bleu chefs.

GE Appliances logotype — Appliances with Home Connect are compatible with the Drop Recipes app

GE Appliances’ WiFi-enabled ovens let you set times, check cooking status and preheat — straight from a recipe in the Drop Recipes app. Learn more.

Instant Pot logotype — Appliances with Home Connect are compatible with the Drop Recipes app

The Drop Recipes app has hundreds of tried-and-true recipes for Instant Pot®, Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryers and Instant™ Ace™ Blenders. Learn more. 

Kenwood logotype — Appliances with Home Connect are compatible with the Drop Recipes app

If you’re the lucky owner of a Kenwood kCook Multi Smart or CookEasy+ cooking food processor, the Drop Recipes app has your recipe needs covered. Learn more.

Thermomix logotype — Appliances with Home Connect are compatible with the Drop Recipes app

We support both connected and non-connected Thermomix models. Enjoy hundreds of guided cooking recipes for your Thermomix TM31, TM5 or TM6.

Together, we are able to develop a really intuitive interface to combine with a product to really enhance the cooking experience. Ultimately, it's about how we inspire people to create great food at home. That has to be our mission.

Mark WelchCEO of Kenwood

Try for yourself

Check out these features and more with the free Drop Recipes app available now.

What can I make?

Recipes have looked the same for centuries. Drop respects recipes’ origins, but tailors their format to lifestyles of today. Search and filter for beautiful recipes of all types, and use the intuitive visual recipe format to begin making whatever you want to eat.

What are people saying?

Hear from a few members of our community about the highlights of their Drop experience.


It's so fun and easy to use! The recipes are really good and it's so fast to make food with out having to take out a lot of measuring tools.


OMG! Love the step by step on how to make recipes. Truley great for a beginner or advanced. Love, Love Love it! You make wanting to cook something that looks difficult, a breeze. Love the Chef profiles also. Keep up the great app.


The recipes are great, the results consistent, and it's a fun app to use. I'm a pretty experienced cook and Drop had encouraged me to try new foods, recipes and methods. All with delicious results. 5 stars!

Mama chile

Drop has changed the way I cook! It's easy to use, the selection of recipes is varied and interesting, and everything I've made has turned out great! It's perfect for the experienced cook, like me, and for the novice, like my husband. Results are always consistent, thanks to the easy to follow directions, tips and photos.


Fantastic for finding new recipes and great that it shows you substitute ingredients for ones you don't have/can't find. Also good that it will recalculate what you need when you are short on ingredients

Finally an app that uses the science of cooking behind the scenes to help people cook with ease. The Drop experience feels like a mentor working next to you in the kitchen.

Jessica EntzelPastry Chef & Drop Recipe Partner
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